Smallest screws possible, how do I find a screwdriver?

okay so I'm trying to disassemble my Asus RoG G75VW to clean the keyboard because I splashed soda on it and an hour later I was getting graphical glitches on my display that don't replicate when displayed on a different screen so it's hardware. (Been cleaning parts inside hoping it fixed it and that I won't have to replace the screen or display cable)

Anyways I've gotten to the point where I've taken the keyboard off and flipped it over but the B screws are too small for any screwdriver I own. On the plating it says that "B=M2x1.15 (A=2x3 which is just fine for my basic precision set). A #000 phillips head was too big for them and I also just found a #0000 phillips head (which I think is 2x1.5) which also seems to be too big. I found a theoretically #00000 on Amazon but it's not Prime verified and won't arrive for almost 2 weeks and that's assuming it actually is the size it says it is.

I've been trying to ask MicroCenter tech support as they have to have one in their repair department (I would hope so) and see where they got theirs and where I can get one but I've been on hold forever. Do any of you know where I can get a screwdriver for these screws or otherwise get them out (and also put them back in)?


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