MSI B550 Gaming Edge WiFi Windows Installation Problem

Just put together a new system using the board listed in the subject along with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and Sapphire Radeon RX 5600 XT. I have a Samsung M2 and a Samsung SSD installed. I have a store purchased copy of Windows 10 with USB. 
The install seems to work fine up until the reboots start. The first reboot where it goes through setup messages goes fine. Then the second boot hits. I get the first MSI screen, spinning dots, screen resets to new resolution, spinning dots, screen blinks one more time dots make about one and a half circles, then freeze. That's it.
I've tried restarting a few times, stops at same point.
I've tried installing on both the M2 and the SSD, same results.
I flashed the BIOS to the current version, same results.
I cleared CMOS using the jumper as described in manual, same results.
I created a new Windows install USB on my main computer and tried it. The install process at the beginning seemed to take different amounts of time, but in the end, hang a the same spot.
I tried booting into Safe Mode, which results in an error popup that Windows can't finish installing in Safe Mode.
I tried the automatic repair of startup problem, but that puts me at the 'Defaultuser0' login dead end, so I can't run the tool.
I'm out of ideas at this point. Internet searching so far isn't really turning up a solution that works.
Any help getting this sorted would be greatly appreciated.


  • MikeBB
    My problem is resolved. The install finally concluded. I was trying another restart after moving the computer to a different spot and hooking up a standard LCD monitor. The setup completed. Previously it was hooked up to an ultrawide. Is it possible that the driver was getting stuck trying to get the right resolution? I kind of doubt it, but in any event. Windows is finally working!
  • JS_MC
    Hmm. Sounds like you're right, it was hooked on something while starting. Glad to hear you got things sorted out! Nice!
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