Can't get Wifi to work with new PC! :(

We bought a new PC (not pre-built) - to connect WiFi, we got an ethernet cable & port, but it says "invalid IP address". 


  • AlexS
    Greetings and welcome to Micro Center Community!  I'm sorry to hear the issues you're experiencing with your new build.

    I'd try a couple of these methods for starters.

    1.  Reinstall the network driver.
    • Go to your Device Manager
    • Find your network adapter
    • Right click and select Uninstall Device (It'll be listed as either an Ethernet Adapter or a Family Controller)
    • Restart your PC
    • Your Windows OS will automatically reinstall the driver
    • Check for any changes

    2. Reset the Winsock
    • Open Command Prompt in Admin
    • Type netsh winsock reset and hit Enter
    • Restart the PC
    • Check for any changes

    Let me know if this resolves this! 
  • hello! thank you for responding, however none of these methods have seemed to work, it now says unidentified network and that is a change. we thank you for your comment and any additional help you might give
  • JS_MC
    If that didn't work, perhaps you could try to flush your DNS.

    Open Command Prompt and type the following commands.
    1. <b>ipconfig /release</b>
    2. <b>ipconfig /flushdns</b>
    3. <b>ipconfig /renew</b>
    Is the device not recognizing your wireless network? Or are you connecting to a wired network?
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