Internet FINE, Download speed FINE...but upload speed is now ABYSMAL

Recently bought a new, high end PC and also changed out a new modem from my ISP rented one...all was fine and I was able to upload and stream with 240 MBPS download and an average of 10-12 MBPS upload no problem.  All of a sudden yesterday - my Download speed remains same but my upload speed crashes to 0.5 MBPS or less.  I've contacted my ISP (Xfinity) and we tried rebooting the modem, sending signals etc and now they will send a tech out next week but wondering if there could be something else on my end? Has anyone experienced this issue before?


  • JS_MC
    Hmmm. Are you using a wired or wireless connection?
    It's possible that something on your network may be using your upload bandwidth. I'd recommend connecting only a single device and testing it from there.
    Another option would be testing speeds from a different device on the same network to see if you find a different result.
    If you're seeing a hard limit while direct connected to your modem, I think it could only be your ISP at that point. 
    Does that make sense?
  • MattReh
    Hey - I appreciate the reply!
    So I am hardwired into the router.  Weird as it sounds, my phone - via wifi - does get slightly better upload speeds on a speed test, but still low for the plan I'm supposed to have.  The phone, over wifi, is getting like 1.5-2 MBPS upload while the hardwired CPU is getting 0.25-1 MBPS upload.  

    So I suppose I'll wait an see what the ISP says when they send their tech out! 
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