What time should I go to the stores for AMD RX 6800/6800 XT vouchers?

edited June 2021 in General Discussion
I have never waited outside of a store for a release before. If anyone have had experience with this: Is there any suggested time that I should go to the stores to attempt to get a RX 6800/6800 XT? It releases on the 18th, but I have heard people say to wait over night. Should I expect there to be some sort of mid night release? I would greatly appreciate any information. 


  • Courtjustcourt
    A midnight release would be awesome.. but doubtful. Just gonna have to camp for it sadly. But hopefully this time we don't have to wait until the store actually opens to get early vouchers (looking at you sharonville).
  • Mager
    I heard that for the 3080, the best time to be there was 1 AM. I'm going to be there around 9-10 PM EST
  • Courtjustcourt
    For the 3080 launch, at sharonville, we were lined up camping in the evening the day before launch. Only 4 of us at that time. By the time the store closed there were more than 40 of us. What should have happened, since the line was already well past what they had in stock, was staff should've given out vouchers. Then put up a sign saying that voucher's were already handed out since a line of more than stock amounts had already been formed by the time the store closed and if those people with vouchers did not show up at store opening, they would forfeit their voucher opening up availability in their stead. At that point whoever decided to camp even after would have a chance, or if no one camped, then the early bird gets the worm if a voucher wasn't claimed.
  • Jonathon
    How many cards did they have for the 3080 launch? Any way we can find out how many 6800xts they have?
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