Replace Noisy fan

I bought a Powerspec G706 PC.  One of the LED fans on the Radiator is making noise and I want to replace it.  I called support, but they said the fan is not covered by warranty and they wanted $$ to look at it.  
I'm fine to replace the fan myself... but this PC has LED fans that are synced up.  How can I find a replacement that would work with the lighting scheme?  TBH, I'm not all that worried about the lighting of the case, but I'd rather keep it lit up than not.



  • JS_MC
    Hi @Spy. I was able to find that your G706 is still under warranty, so there would be no fee for your diagnostic. Apologies if there may have been some misunderstanding. However, we would need to take a diagnose your G706 before we could offer a solution. Hopefully, this should be a simple as confirming the issue and replacing the fan.
    If you'd like to purchase a replacement fan on your own, that is completely up to you! However, I'd recommend taking advantage of the warranty.
    The G706 uses MF120R ARGB Fans for the Cooler Master AIO Liquid Cooler.
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