I need help with what I want to do.

Hey guys. I'm brand new to pc gaming I've gamed all my life but never on pc and I'm ready. I have disposable income and instead of getting a ps5 right now I feel like it's the time to build a PC. Eventually I will buy a ps5 because I love gaining on my couch.

So I want a pc that nots overkill but wont be irrelevant in let's say 4 years, i dont mind upgrading parts I know what I'm getting myself into. I'm not interested in playing Cod, pubg, valorent on 12k at 2663883fps. I want a rig that will let me play all the steam survival games like rust, ark, scum, 7days to day, this land is my land, survivalists, starboard, and mmos. I'm not a graphics snob but if the pc can give me at least ps4 graphics and frames I'm good.

So I was looking at ryzen 5 3600, with a tomahawk 450, and a gtx1660 super

I'm sure this enough for what I want but is it overkill? The build comes out to almost $900+. I'll be buying the parts all through out the holidays taking advantage of all the holiday sales. Please let me know and happy holidays

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  • I seen a bunch of these videos and they all show the same games and it's all the same ones everyone plays COD, fortnite, BF, CS, Apex. I dont play or plan on playing any of these game because I dont enjoy them. I enjoy taking it slow exploring, crafting. I play RPGs, mmos survival, crafting games. I dont know much about PCs but I would think that these 2nd tier games would be easier to run the pc build that I described. I'm trying to do a first build and just get a pc up and running. I'm not rich but I do have some money to spend and would not like the build to be more than $1500. I think $900 is a sweet spot considering I still have to get a monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, chair and desk. I know myself and will probably get the FPS bug once I have a pc and do not mind upgrading parts a year or 2 from now. Thanks guys!
  • JS_MC
    In short, the PS4 gets 30 fps in Destiny 2, while on PC with these specs, you can expect around 80+ depending on your settings. You're definitely going to be able to get solid performance in many titles. However, I can't give you a direct expectation for the games you mentioned as I don't own them. 🤔 Yet. 😁 Some indie developers put out some pretty graphic-intensive games or in some cases, games that are not well optimized.
    If the other benchmarks aren't helpful to you, and you're still not sure what to buy, I'd be happy to talk it out further to help you in any way that I can! Another option for you is speaking with our associates in the store who are also very knowledgeable about GPUs and what kind of performance you can expect from them!
    I think your budget is great though! It is a sweet spot for price/performance.
  • DarthMaul555
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    I just got back from my local microcenter and came out with a ryzen  3600 for 179 and a b550 asrock phantom for 89.99. I feel good about the purchase and now will be looking for a GPU. I have my mind set on the 1660 super but I'll take those other into account if I can find them on sale which is super unlikely rn
  • I have a gtx nvidia 1660 super in my cart for $265. Is that a good price?
  • JS_MC
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    That would depend on the specific card. That would be on the higher end(price) of the cards that we sell.

  • Ok this brings me to a question I asked a employee helping me today. I noticed that there several different kinds of 1660 supers.....there is a msi, asus, TUF, nvidia, all at different prices.....I asked him what the difference was and he said nothing. Some cards say 1660 super vr ready and some dont. What's the difference? Is the difference big enough for me to look for a specific 1660 super model or should I just pull the trigger on any 1660 super?
  • JS_MC
    Some don't have a difference. Others do. Some have more robust cooling options, others have higher boost clocks. Others have different power draw, size, etc. They are generally very similar or even the same in some cases. I'd recommend going for the highest clock speeds, at the cheapest price. You'll get more frames with higher clocks. 
    If it's close to the price of the next step up i.e. GTX 1660 Ti, I'd recommend going with the Ti instead. Again, availability is difficult right now... My biggest recommendation would be to find some benchmarks and then once you're happy with the one you find, buy it and be happy with it! There will always be a better card in the future, enjoy the deal you have now!
  • Thanks shark. Is there anything specific I should be looking for when buying storage and RAM? Also is 600w enough power for this build. This is what I have I choose these 3 parts because of the price tbh but if there is another brand you recommend please let me know
  • JS_MC
    With storage, I'd recommend a boot drive be M.2. The WD drive you've selected is a great option. 
    For RAM, anything at or above 3200MHz is what I'd recommend. Typically, I'd recommend a dual channel set. G.Skill, Corsair, and Crucial are the brands that I prefer. Here's an offering from G.Skill that's double the amount for a lower price than you listed.
    The Thermaltake 600W PSU that you listed would be a great fit for this build. If you're looking to upgrade your GPU in the future, perhaps to a 30 series, you may need to upgrade your PSU as well. (A 750W PSU is recommended).
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