Hi everyone I'm new to this discussion forum and had a question about reservations and in-store pickup. Which was does reserve a product guarantee it's yours by the time you pick it up? I am traveling soon to pick up my reservation and don't wanna waste my time to pick up something that I reserved and it not being there.


  • Kareem
    I would like to learn the same thing. I am planning to buy some components, the closest Micro Center store is about 200 miles away, and not sure for how long do the items stay in reserve so I can plan ahead with my travels.
  • JS_MC
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    Hi, @nella324 and @Kareem, Welcome to the community!
    When you reserve a product, a request is sent to our team in the store (So be sure that you've selected the correct store when you create the reservation), and then once they have collected the items on your reservation, they will set them aside for you. They will send you a confirmation email at that time. Once you receive that confirmation email, you can have peace of mind that we will hold the items for you for up to 3 days. You can come into the store to our order pick up counter and purchase your items! An important thing to note is that at the end of 3 days, the reservation will automatically expire. So you'll want to come into the store before it does expire.
    More info about in-store pick up can be found here:
    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions or concerns!

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