BYOPC - Work Bar Area (Concept Idea)

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With the surge of water cooling, new products, and (new)users building new systems I was thinking how cool it would be if there was a small area for shoppers, to after purchasing their parts have a small lab/work area with basic tools for them to start their build there before even leaving. More so if basic water cooling supplies were there (ie heat gun, leak tester). Being there at the facility would help new users with basic questions they may have from experts and drive the hobby of system building.
The concept would open up a unique window of encouraging same day shopping. No matter how good someone designs their system it almost seems like something is forgotten, cable here, a bit more tubing, a fitting or two, a bracket? How many of those sales are then lost to newegg, ek, or amazon because the customer does not want to make another drive out (sometimes 30-90 miles)? Or better yet as they are building an idea strikes and while they are already there building, it is easy enough for them to buy what they need and continue to work.
Stock the area with purchasable food and drinks as well as a staff member eager to help with the basics of properly installing a cpu to going over XMP profiles, the member that was in and out in 20 minutes is now there for hours (learning and well more then likely more money spent)


  • JS_MC
    Great idea @Ravenous26. Pre-COVID we used to offer in-store clinics that would teach things like Build Your Own basics or Introduction to Windows 10 and other various classes. It's possible that something like your idea may not have been considered before. I'd be glad to pass along the concept to our leadership at our corporate office! Thanks for sharing!
  • Ravenous26
    edited November 2020
    Appreciate it LandShark, it is why I posted it. Before getting into IT I spent 14 years in retail. I really think there is an solid business opportunity for a "WorkCenter Bar" for customers if done right to drive not only the hobby but more potential sales. I will say while covid will not make it possible today, however plenty of time to plan out, brainstorm, and concept some basic ideas.
    Have done countless builds and over the last 7 years several watercooling systems. Would admit it would be awesome to have a BYOB lounge area to work in (as well I always seem to find myself making 2-4 trips before breaking down and ordering online as what not as my ideas and plan I drafted out changes as I am working or forget something silly (or worse yet in a hurry not pay attention and accidentally grab the wrong size of this or that). Between tools, maybe basic components that can be temporarily checked out such as cpu's for bios upgrades (for users confident in doing that themselves),  things like radiators and such that can be checked out/borrowed to see how fitting and spacing would be like for a finished project before the shopping, vertical gpu brackets again to see how things would fit before finalizing!
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