touchpad has a mind of its own

I have an Asus Elitebook Zenbook Flip that's about 2 years old, and a few months ago the touchpad started to  have a mind of its own and click on things on the desktop. It's mainly along the left side of the screen - going to the upper left and taking me to the first URL browser window I have open. Or it goes the lower left and brings up the start menu. It happens every time I use it and I have to keep taking the pointer back to where I was. Is there something under the touchpad, and if so, can I get under there to clean? 


  • JS_MC
    It's possible that the touchpad could be dirty. It's possible that the touchpad may be showing its age. Most touchpads are capacitive touch, so it could think that there is something on the surface that it should be responding to.
    Our service department does offer diagnostic service. Diagnostics cost $39.99. We could take a look at it, see if it can be cleaned or repaired. Once they take a look, they'll be able to tell you to proceed from there.
    Wonderful, thank you! 

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    If your model has a touchscreen, look at that as a possible culprit as well. You can disable it from device manager, under "Human Interface Devices" to test.
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