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Would greatly appreciate advice on this build! Looking to play games but also use for Python projects and writing. Any feedback would be super appreciated, especially when it comes to cooling/power maintenance (I'm not overclocking but I want the computer to not overheat either). I have a 144hz monitor, and will also be editing trailers on this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


  • MrSneaks
    I'm so sorry- will also be editing video on this (I cut trailers). 
  • JS_MC
    Hey @MrSneaks Welcome to the community!
    This is quite a solid build. It'll manage well in most titles at 1080p. I might suggest going with an  NVIDIA card instead of the Radeon. This is with the assumption that you'll be using Sony Vegas or the Adobe suite to be editing your videos. Adobe specifically tends to optimize for NVIDIA GPUs at the moment. 
    Hope this helps!
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