Ryzen 5 5600x cpu (Tustin CA)

Hi -- first time poster,  Just want to make sure i'm doing this right so I started a separate thread....

I'm about a hour away from the nearest microcenter.  (Tustin, CA)
Is Microcenter actually getting Ryzen 5 5600x stock in these stores even though it shows up as out of stock online?  I don't mind the drive or waiting in line for hours to pick one up,  but i'd rather drive 2 hours just to figure out there's none really in stock.   Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you...


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Bruce_Wayne

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!  

    Though it may show in stock online, we cannot guarantee that it is in stock by the time you arrive to the store.  The best thing to do is just being at the store and at the front of the line when a shipment comes in, or waiting for when the demand for the Zen 3 Processors is lower.  
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