Mom needs Help Choosing Parts for Xmas purchase

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I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. I need help deciding on the items that have two choices & the GPU has 3 choices. My 18yo is wanting to do his first build & what better time than 2020.
Thanks MC community.


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @LakeMom

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!  What kind of games and what resolution is the monitor that you will be using?  

    For the motherboard, do you need WiFi?  If so, I would keep the ASUS motherboard.  Otherwise, the MSI motherboard is good.

    For the RAM, I recommend doing the G.Skill option over the Corsair as the Mhz is higher at 3600 vs the 3200.  

    For the PSU, I think the best one is the 750W Gold, with a higher rating and extra power for upgrades.

    For the GPU, I would look at either the 3070, lower priced 2070/2080 or the AMD 6000 GPUs if you are fine spending around ~400$ on a GPU.  

    For the SSD, I think both options are great!  Samsung is considered the king of storage to me, and all my drives are Samsung.  Inland is cheaper, with lower speeds and dependency however since it is an Inland drive, Micro Center would completely cover any issues for it within the manufacturer warranty.  
  • LakeMom
    Thank you @TSPhillipT for your quick reply as I would like to place order very soon. These choices are a combo of my sons choices and @ThelTDad picks. I assume he will want wifi to play online games. I am confused by the GPU suggestions. Would you please clarify brands to the model #. I think ThelTdad did recommend EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 super black gaming overclocked dual-fan 8GB GDDR6 which was crazy expensive and out of stock. The 3ish GPU's you suggested are they all the Radeon RX? I'm just not 100% sure on that last choice. 
    Thank you again :)
  • TSPhillipT
    Yea, I can go over the GPUs!  

    So this month and a bit of last month, both the big name companies for GPUs released BIG upgrades to GPUs, with the 3000 Series for Nvidia and the 6000 Series for AMD.  Due to these releases, the previous generation of GPUs, the 2000 Series for Nvidia and the 5000 Series for AMD should go down in price.

    So my recommendations are
    2070 Super 
    2080 Super

    Wait for the 6000 Series AMD cards to release to make the 5000 Series cards go down in price, like the 5700XT.  
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