Ethernet issues

Hey guys, was wondering if someone could help me. I recently built my first pc. I have a asus rog strix b550-f gaming(no wifi) motherboard, ryzen 5 3600 cpu, sapphire technology pulse 5600 gpu. I built it myself and everything started up and worked perfectly first try. I installed windows and all my drivers. My only issue was my ethernet cable wasnt being read. I found a solution on the internet to go into the properties of the ethernet and change the speed/duplex, now out of the choices it gives me to change the speed my ethernet cable will only be read at 10mbps. If i change it to anything higher it disconnects. I have at&t and pay for 1000mbps. I have a new cat 8 cable and the cable has no issue when i plug it into my xbox(netflix and all that runs fine). The only thing it effects is my download speed on my pc, my games run super clean, i average 144fps when playing and i should also note that my download speed on my xbox is fine, seems like i get close to the 1000mbps, but on my pc it caps me at 10mbps cuz thats the only speed it will read my ethernet cable at. I have no idea how to fix this or what can be the issue. like i said the issue was from the start. If anybody can help me i would appreciate it. 


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