Powerspec g464 crashes

I purchased the G464 last week. Whenever I try to play Assetto Corsa, it'll start working normal with great graphics and performance but a couple of minutes into game play the screen goes black and crashes. Also the PC reboots after that. 
Has this happened to anyone else? I'm not an expert on computers but this is frustrating considering I haven't had this computer for a week. 


  • JS_MC
    Hey, @Bundy26 I've not experienced this and doesn't look like others have either. I'd recommend making sure that your GPU drivers are in working order. I'd recommend reinstalling them just to be safe. Is this issue happening with any other games? If it is, It seems like it could be a stability issue with the game. If it's happening with other tasks, could you please provide that information as well? Since you mentioned that the device was recently purchased, another option would be to bring it into our service department. Our service techs would be able to diagnose the hardware to be sure it's not a hardware concern.
  • Bundy26
    It happens with every game I played so far (Automobilista, Assetto Corsa, BeamNg, GTA V)
    I'm bringing it to the store as soon as I get home. 
    Thanks for the response. 
  • DudeItsDylan

    Yes. All the time. I bought the G464 in November 2020 and they swapped it out for another G464 under warranty. Then the water cooler went out and they replaced it. Even with the newer PC it still crashes all the time, even playing Valorant, which isnt a demanding game by any means. Its to the point where I havent played my PC in months and essentially spent the money for browsing the internet, which can be done on my laptop that was a quarter of the cost of the PowerSpec PC

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