I accidentally ordered 2 of the same item, can I get it removed?

I ordered 2 SSDs and was wondering if I could remove one of them from my reservation. My order has not been processed yet

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  • JS_MC
    Hello, @karldoosh Is this for an in-store pick-up order or for a shipping order?
    If it's for in-store, you aren't required to purchase the item at that time. If you're referring to a shipping order, unfortunately, we cannot alter an order once it has been placed. If you're able to provide the order number, we can cancel the order, and then you can replace it with the correct information.
  • karldoosh
    Hi, @LandShark, It was an in-store pick-up order. Would it be possible for me to buy everything except for the second SSD when I go to pickup my order?
    It is Order#: 11473650
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