Old Warhorse - Do I remember how to build?

I was very happy with my PC, she still runs well, but it's time to upgrade after 8 years.
Replace RTX 3080 with Radeon RX 6900 XT  (I can wait, not a fan of scalpers, won't enable them)
Build goals: overall performance & longevity for work applications, video editing, gaming, quality of life while leaving room for easy upgrades to the build in the future.
Case, fans, cooling, power:  built around efficiency.  Anyone in any industry who works with machines knows friction (compounded by heat) harms the life and performance of any machine.  Like my last computer, I want this to last 10 years without having a single issue, without compromising performance.  Financially, I've always experienced that preventing asset depreciation was always the best way to save money while still enjoying it.
1600w Ti PSU:  why almost 1000 extra watts?  Planning for the future, why would I waste dropping more money on another PSU when I need it instead of just doing it now?  Another RX 6900 XT will eventually be going in, and the system will need more for overclocking if there are future demands in performance that eventually outstrip this system, 10 years is a long time for computers for that to happen.  Ti PSU will pay back over time with reduced energy costs.
2 TB NVME M.2:  Video editing, Raid 0.  Time saved is money saved if you're work oriented, people often forget that, and I plan to do a lot of work, not just game.
RAM: Wanted better, but am happy with it.
No LQ or RBG: Waste of money, more parts to go wrong.  Can't explain it more than that, a high quality fan is just better than LC and way less hassle to boot.  Again, time saved.
MB: Backbone, has everything I want/need.  Also using low quality mortar with the goal of longevity and stress testing is just flagrantly asking for disappointment.

Not sure on:  Computer Case.  I've read good things about Fractal Design, and glass is super nice to see when it's time for a cleaning, BUT I have a spine injury and it's hard to me to go look at cases for myself with everything going on.  Also been busy and haven't checked part dimensions as much as I should have.

Thank you for reading!  Happy gaming.  :)


  • JS_MC
    Quite the impressive build. What kind of editing are you doing with this build?
    If you're planning on two GPUs I'd recommend a Full-tower instead of Mid. More room to work and more room for airflow.
    Definitely a preference choice.
  • JayNY
    Thank you, that is good advice.  I was reluctant to get a full tower because I understand they can be pretty heavy, and I don't want to risk hurting my back, but I'm sure I can get some help setting things up eventually, and the air flow is a great point.
    I wanted to do 4k+ video editing.  I'm very new to making videos, but I understand they can be very demanding if you want to have a good quality, and I think that quality will count in keeping people's attention on topics that can help their communities.  In spite of being with a name like the Red Cross, it can be very difficult to reach more people when a good first impression might make the difference.
  • JS_MC
    You can still get great airflow in a mid-tower. It's typically a bit easier to build in a full tower. Weight is definitely a worthy concern. If you're planning on moving your tower often, it'll definitely make things easier in the long run if you were to go with a smaller system.
    Quality and quantity are very important to a successful campaign. Best of luck to you on your new endeavor!
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