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Hello, I know some supplies are constrained, but is there anything available to help those who suffer from physical limitations?  I noticed other retailers offer the popular items that I need should I build a full computer with them, it's a great way to keep people from just buying one thing, but other retailers are also badly lacking in other very important computer parts at the same time.  I live over 4 hours from an MC, and would be happy to go to one to pick a full build up, but I don't want to gamble on injuring myself by going to a far away store multiple times when my legs can quite literally give out from under me without warning.

Is there any resources that I'm not aware of to help those who live with a disability?


  • JS_MC
    Hello @JayNY What kind of items are you interested in? If you're interested in purchasing items in a single trip, I'd recommend reserving the items that you're interested in and then waiting for that confirmation email before heading to the store.
    If you're referring to accessibility assistance in the store, we do have accessibility scooters/shopping carts for you while you're shopping in our store.
    Hope this info helps!
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