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Lian-Li UNIFAN SL120 default lighting on boot

Hello all, I completed my first build ever 2 weeks ago and love it with a passion but there’s 1 minor problem. The Lian-Li UNIFAN SL120’s ALWAYS reset to default lighting on boot and I’m unable to use L-Connect with them. I’ve watched countless amounts of videos, unplugged everything and put it back together, uninstalled/re-installed the program multiple times and still no luck. Only while the PC is on, when I remove the USB 2.0 header and re-install it will the system pick up the fans and let me use it through the L-Connect software but again, if I SHUT DOWN or RESTART the PC, back to default it goes. Does anyone have any idea or some form of guidance as to what I need to do to fix this? I’m literally losing my mind over this 🤯🤯🤯


P.S. I’ve tried any and all “fixes” Lian-Li had on their website.


  • Hi @KidCookie Are they not working with the L-Connect software after you reboot your system?
    The fans don't have an onboard memory that I'm aware of and would require connecting to the software to know what light settings you would require of them. Otherwise, they will revert to the system default. (Typically, RGB color cycle.)
  • Hi @LandShark yes, the fans are not working with L-Connect after rebooting.
  • While the device is on, under Device Management, how does the computer recognize the device?
    After a restart, does it still recognize the device the same way? or perhaps does it not recognize the device?
  • So on boot and restart, it will show Lian-Li under Device Management
  • So, it is being recognized by the computer but not the Lian li software? I'd have to recommend reinstalling the software as a first step.
  • Seems like this may be a common issue with the device drivers. I'd recommend uninstalling the default drivers and installing from Lian Li directly.

    STEP 1: Under device manager > Universal Serial Bus devices > LianLi > right click > uninstall device

    STEP 2: Go to Control Panel > Uninstall L-Connect > Go to Lian Li's website and download the latest version of L-Connect > Install setup as "Administrator"

  • Hey @LandShark I have gone ahead and followed your steps and so far so good. I will update you if it reverts back to the default settings. If so I may have to bring it in for hands on technical support. I appreciate the help.
  •  Keep us posted! Hopefully, this was a fix for you!
  • There's a file to fix those symptoms you mention directly on Lian Li's website. At least the symptoms appear very similar, worth a shot.
  • SpOoNeeUs said:
    There's a file to fix those symptoms you mention directly on Lian Li's website. At least the symptoms appear very similar, worth a shot.

    Well i have been looking around for a fix and nothing.
    Uninstalled the driver from Device manager and uninstalled the L-Connect.
    Reboot system and then reinstalled L connect with admin on and same issue.
    Sometimes i get the l connect to work and sometimes i do not get it to work.

    One way i know i got it to work is by unplugging the USB cable when the computer is on and pushing it back in.
    After that it works.

    is there a real fix to this?
    I heard this happens to mostly MSI motherboards. I am using MSI x570 unify.
  • Sorry to hear that your issue has still not been resolved after attempting these fixes. I'd recommend contacting Lian Li directly about this issue. I'd be happy to try to work through more with you, however since they have posted a file with a fix for this on the product page of their website, I think they would be able to offer you a more direct solution. Please send me a DM if you'd like to work through this together!
  • Greetings @Spoilt

    Lian Li does have appear to have a patch on their site: 

    Scroll down to L-Connect Fix. Looks like it's a driver update, that addresses intermittent interruption between L-Connect and other addressable RGB software.  One of the issues listed is "Needing to re-plug the USB when rebooting".
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