Powerspec B245 keeps locking up when idle

I purchased the Powerspec B245 for my daughter to do school work and play Roblox.  We had to return the first one because it was crashing, blue screen crashing.  We have had the second one for a little over a month and it is freezing/locking up when it's idle, instead of going to sleep.  It doesn't freeze up while it's being used.  We called tech support and they thought it might have something to do with the SSD drive installed and they did something that I couldn't even understand, that didn't work.  I called back and they had me do a windows 10 re install.  That didn't help.  I've never had these kinds of problems with a computer before and have gotten pretty frustrated.  I have done a few things like disabling microsoft services, turning off usb selective suspend, and turning off hybrid sleep. What could be causing it to freeze up? 


  • JS_MC
    I'd recommend turning off the Hibernation setting in windows.
    I've had a similar issue with this on my custom build. This solved it for me!
    Keep us posted!
  • Still freezing.  I was finally able to try your suggestion Landshark.  It crashed shortly after the fix but then it seemed to be doing better after a restart.  It would go to sleep like it should and then I would wake it up and repeat for about 8 hours.  It seemed to be working but then my daughter played some Roblox.  She closed Roblox when she was done playing and I had her leave the computer alone.  When we came back the computer was frozen up again.  I am thinking about bringing it back to the store to see if they will replace with an Acer with similar specs.  It's really a bummer.  The computer works great except for the freezing up when left alone.
  • TSTDavey
    Hello @Gregwithag, sorry the Powerspec is still freezing up. Its hard to determine without physically testing your system what may be causing the freezing. It could be hardware related (ex., motherboard, bad memory, etc.). Bring it to the store so they can run a diagnostic on it to determine the issue. We'll create a case on this to track this.
  • It's hard to find time to go to the store right now, especially with COVID and distance learning.  I missed the 30 day return but I still have the original box.  The stores are crazy now with holiday shopping and I don't have time except for Saturdays to bring the computer in. 
  • Update, frowny face blue screen crashed last night.  Stop Thread.  Good times.
  • ekloot
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    @Gregwithag not sure if you're still suffering with this but I got a powerspec b245 pc and had similar issues. Returned it for another one and it had the same issues on that one as well. Sometimes it was freezes, reboots, or crashes. Found an online forum of people with the same motherboard and cpu all having the same problems but they found a solution...you have to install the older version 3.3 bios for this motherboard. The motherboard in both powerspec b245 PC's I got is the Asrock a320m hdv r4. If you go to the Asrock support site for this motherboard you can find the download for the older version 3.3 bios and they have instructions on how to install the bios. It is very easy fortunately. And now my nephew is happy gaming on his Roblox, minecraft, and fortnite. Follow the Asrock instructions to get into the bios and install the older one. You'll need a blank usb stick that has been formatted to fat32. Also when you go into your bios, the "instant flash" option that you'll need to click on in there might be grayed out...but you'll see a note that you have to go over to another menu in the bios and disable something called "AMD ftpm" to enable the "instant flash" thing that will allow you to install the older 3.3 bios. Also I know that Asrock has a newer 4.0 bios on their site, but that won't fix the issues so don't bother trying that one. I went round and round with this problem and this older 3.3 bios was the solution. They really should have used a better motherboard in this system but at least the problem is solved. Also, on a somewhat unrelated note...this pc comes with only one stick of RAM. Add a second stick of matching RAM and that will automatically enable dual channel memory mode which basically doubles the memory bandwidth given to the integrated graphics...and that will almost double your framerate in games. Also, for anyone curious here is the forum thread of people who found this bios fix solution for the crashing and freezing with this motherboard. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/720158/thread-stuck-in-device-driver-bsod-error-almost-daily/page-7#
  • Wow, I don't even know why I came here today, but I'm glad I did.  Thanks ekloot!  I'll try your suggestion this weekend.  I was literally going to take it back tomorrow and request a trade for the ACER with similar specs.  I'll try the RAM as well.  Happy New Year!
  • ekloot
    @Gregwithag Yeah, the extra stick of RAM is just for better performance and has nothing to do with the fix of course...but was a huge boost to the gaming performance. But do post if the older version 3.3 bios fixes all the issues when you try it this weekend. Also, it takes a little bit of time for the bios to finish installing so let it finish its thing. Whatever you do, don't turn it off or kill the power during the bios update process! You might already know all this but I figured I'd mention it in case someone else ends up here looking for this solution as well one day. 
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    Greetings @Gregwithag

    @ekloot is correct. There is an issue with the 3.70 BIOS we ship with that effects some, but not all of these boards and it matches your symptoms. We do have a version of the 3.30 BIOS specifically for your Powerspec that we can provide you with. Please let me know and I'll email the file to you.
  • Gregwithag
    I decided to return the B245 and exchange it for the B677.  So far so good. 
  • TS_EmileC
    Glad you are back in business @Gregwithag
  • ekloot
    Best of luck with the new system!
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