Easy-to-use SmartTV

Albatross ✭✭
edited June 2021 in General Discussion
Hi all. 
My mother is 84 and while pretty hale has just moved into assisted living. My brother is learning disabled and lives on his own. Both of them are incapable of operating complex technology.
I am considering having them both get SmartTVs (preferably the same make/model) that have built-in camera/microphone setups so that in addition to TV they can use the device to make video calls to each other. 
I'm looking for recommendations of a good, SIMPLE TO USE Smart TV, possibly with voice activation, maybe integrated with an Alexa or Siri or something. My goal is for either of them to be able to say "TV, call mom" or "TV, call Bob" and initiate a video call. 
Are we there yet? Are smart TVs yet that smart?
Thanks for any assistance or suggetions.


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