No display output or lcd.

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Good morning all:
I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad S340 15IWL back in May at Microcenter and was told yesterday by a local tech that the system board is bad as there is no HDMI output or lcd panel display data. Also, a quick search found this to be a ongoing issue for this particular machine and no boards are available.  This is a refurb. Please advise on the best way to move forward as this machine is rendered useless. Thank you and advance for your help and Happy Thanksgiving! 


  • JS_MC
    Hello @jspitza. Is the device powering on at all? When the device is powered on, try pressing Windows key + Shift + Ctrl + B. If keyboard input is being accepted this should reset the display. Do you hear fans spin up when you power on the device? Is the device receiving power?
    I'm not familiar with the being a common issue, however, if the board has failed I'd recommend bring it in to our service department. Was a protection plan purchased for this laptop?
  • jspitza
    Good morning, Land shark. Yes, we do have power, performed the key command/function you mentioned and runs fine with the hdmi output with ext monitor. I've scheduled a drop off repair appointment however I did not purchase a warranty as I expect all machines to last over six months.   I really appreciate your time and hope you have a wonder thanksgiving. 
  • JS_MC
    I would expect it to last longer as well. It's very surprising the display is having issues.  However, I would advise purchasing a protection plan on refurbished devices. Only faulty parts are replaced if they have an issue, otherwise, if it passes all tests it would not be replaced. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well!
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