Hoping for feedback and comments on my first build

Hi Everyone, I am planning to do my first build and was hoping for some helpful suggestions and feedback. I read some build guides and put it together based on those. To be honest I don't know a ton, so I am a little nervous and don't want to make any big mistakes. Looking to spend between $2K-$3K. 



  • JS_MC
    Hey @Tonkaz
    All the parts you have here are compatible and it's quite an impressive build. One thing I would mention is that the additional fans you've selected may not fit in the case. Unless you mean to replace the AIO fans and the case's exhaust fan.
    That being said, the build as you have it is a bit over your budget of $3k.
    What kind of games are you interested in playing? Also, what monitor do you plan to pair with this build?
  • Tonkaz
    Hi @LandShark. thanks for the feedback. Onthe budget I am trying to stick to $2K-$3K for the PC itself and plan to get the peripherals down the road.
    For the additional fans, I think I read that additional fans could be added fans on the top of the case. I don't necessarily know if I need them, but added them just in case. I want to make sure there is enough air floor for the build, but if you think they would be unnecessary that would be good to know.
    I mostly play Blizzard games (WOW, Overwatch, and Diablo) as well as some other MOBAs. For the monitor I was thinking of going with the Razor Raptor 27.
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Tonkaz

    Those games are pretty low resource heavy and don't strain your system to produce a ton of heat that heavy airflow is needed.  The Razor Raptor is a 27 inch 1440p 144Hz monitor that would work great with your system and is one of the more recommended setups for multiplayer games like MOBAs.  
  • Tonkaz
    Hi @TSPhillipT
    Thanks for the additional help on the fans. That is good to know and I will plan to hold off on them for now!

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