Canceled Order, WHY!??

You canceled my order because of a mysterious email that I didn't reply to??? What kind of business is this? Did you EVER have the item in stock??! I doubt it. This was a xmas present for my son building his first computer, THX for nothing. Do NOT buy from this company!


  • JS_MC
    Sorry to hear that we were unable to complete your order. Since there would be a delay in shipping, we did email and held back cards for those that confirmed they were still interested in receiving a card. All other cards we distributed to our stores. Many of our stores still do have some inventory of the RTX 3070 cards. I'd recommend checking the website for your local store's stock.  
    Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!
  • ok, which of the many stores have inventory??
  • You say "Many of our stores still do have some inventory of the RTX 3070 cards." if this true, can you have one of them ship it to me? I'll pay the shipping, thx!!!
  • JS_MC
    Apologies, but the RTX 3070 is no longer available for shipping. If you're still interested in purchasing an RTX 3070, we'd recommend that you go to your local Micro Center.
  • Can you tell me which Micro Center has one?
  • JS_MC
    Hello @gobrien7777 I've responded to your other discussion, but I'll reply here as well. 
    I apologize but the RTX 3070 is not available for shipping. This is not an item we normally ship out, however, due to an error on our site it was made available for shipping. Because it did take some time to complete these orders we asked for an email confirmation from those who were still interested. After that timeframe expired all of the remaining inventory that we had was distributed to our stores and our stores are not equipped to ship out items. If you're still interested in purchasing an RTX 3070 we'd recommend shopping in your local Micro Center however, it's possible that we may have sold out of the inventory in our stores at this time.
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