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I built a PC earlier this year. I run an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X with a RTX 2070 Mini. I use my PC for general productivity work and gaming. The monitor I currently have is the HP - 27f 27" IPS LED FHD FreeSync 75hz.

I wanted to upgrade to a better gaming monitor and I figured with the Black Friday prices, this would be a great time. However, I’m not exactly sure what to get, or what my computer can handle.

My main questions are 1440p or 1080p? What screen size is best with either of those that it’s still running at a high refresh rate?

I saw Best Buy has the Dell S3220DGF which is 1440p and 32 inches. However, I’ve heard once you hit 32 inches, you might want better than 1440p. Also, will running at 1440p reduce refresh rate to the point that it’s not worth it? Or is my hardware good enough?

Or would it be better to stick to 27 inches at 1440p?

Another Best Buy option is the Samsung CRG5. It’s 1080p at 27 inches but 240hz refresh rate. Would be PC be able to reach numbers like that?

At Microcenter, I've had two recommended to me.

Dell S2719DGF 27" WQHD and HP X27i

I’ve done a ton of research but found a lot of conflicting information and I wasn’t sure what would work best with what I already have. Thanks.


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