Need Help Choosing Parts

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.
Which M.2 drive should I boot Windows from?  
Should I even have two of them, or get a 2.5" SSD instead and replace the smaller one?
I have an extra 1TB 3.5" hard drive that I want to throw in as well.


  • JS_MC
    How do you plan to use this setup? Also, what kind of budget did you have in mind? I'd typically recommend a 1TB M.2 combined with 1 TB 2.5" SSD. However, the motherboard you've selected does have room for two M.2 drives.
    I'd recommend booting from the larger capacity drive. I'll be happy to recommend further once I know a bit more about your plans for this build!
  • Thank you!  I was going to use it primarily for video editing (not streaming) and some decent gaming (able to run Halo MCC and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla).
    For budget I was thinking around $2K for both system and peripherals.
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