Best recommendation for second hdd in G706

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I have a PowerSpec G706.  It came with 1TB Ssd Hdd in the M2-3 slot.  I believe there is at least one more M2 slot but not sure if I can put another drive in it?  Should I be looking for an NVme drive or a sata drive to put in the traditional HDD bay.  Should I go ssd or hybrid?  I want more space for more games and such but want to keep peak performance.  Suggestions?  1 to 2TB would be great but more in a hybrid would not be bad I suppose...


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @BRN

    When it comes to a secondary storage, I highly recommend either a 3.5'' HDD or a 2.5'' SSD.  The HDD is my stronger recommendation as Hard Drives are great price for storage gained and are pretty fast when there isn't an OS operating on it.  If you are mainly playing multiplayer games, then an HDD is the way to go as faster loading times don't really matter much when you are waiting for everyone to load in.  The slower speed doesn't matter as well for just general bulk storage.  The one I most recommend is the Seagate 2TB HDD

    A 2.5'' SSD is a solid choice as well, a little more pricy but it is faster.  The main benefit would be loading single player games or video editing where you want that extra write/read speed when editing video files from that drive.  The one I would most recommend is the Samsung 860 1TB

    Hybrids are a mix of both, faster than an HDD and tend to be cheaper then an SSD of equal storage value.  
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