PowerSpec i3 mini V2 fan noise

I picked up the PowerSpec i3 mini V2 3D printer about 6 months ago.  It recently started making a loud-ish noise that I associate with fan bearings going bad.  I did a little research and apparently the Wanhao i3 mini V2 (which this printer is based on) has crappy fan bearings in both the PSU and extractor fan(s).  The extractor fan seems fine, the noise is emanating from under the unit.  Which is where the PSU is located. 

The owners manual clearly states that this unit comes with a 1-year warranty.   However, I don't see in Micro center's "help desk" area where they repair 3D printers.  I would like to at least have the unit looked at, and then repaired.  It appears that Micro center no longer offers the PowerSpec i3 mini V2 for purchase. 

So, is it best just to bring the unit in for repair (under warranty), or schedule an appointment?

Thanks in advance...


  • JS_MC
    Hello @Happaflapp Please bring your 3D printer to our service department.
    This is a PowerSpec branded item which is our house brand. While we don't typically repair 3D printers, since this is our brand, we are able to cover warranty issues. Once our service team has had an opportunity to look over the item, they'll be able to help you from there!
    No appointment is needed, as our service department is first come first serve.
    Thank you!
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