Looking for some help on what parts to get for first pc build

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I've had other good pcs in the past but they were all pre built and I was hoping this time I could go for something custom towards what I want and have the experience of building one myself. So I've been saving up for a while and I know stock is an issue for the most recent gpus and cpus but I want to have a plan ahead of time so that when they are available I am ready. I was hoping to run with settings as high as I can reasonably get them on a 1440p 144z monitor. I would also like to work towards streaming and content creation.

For the cpu I figured I would go with the 5900x but could also go with 5800x.

The gpu is where I am having the most debate internally. I was going to go with the 3080 for ray tracing but I know not many games have that. The thought was more towards the future if more games would support it. Also I have heard that it runs better at 4k over 1440 but I care more about being having a higher frequency monitor and while I have heard about 4k 144hz monitors but I figured that would be too expensive. If ray tracing is just not worth it then I would probably go with the 6900xt or 6800xt. I was also debating about if I should try and overclock the cpu and gpu at all if I went with the 3080 and try liquid cooling. I know that's something a bit more advanced and have been researching as much as I can as to how to do it and whether or not it is worth it (still not sure if it is worth it but figured I should look).

The motherboard is where I have the least understanding and not a lot of the videos I've been watching have really helped my understanding at all. I know I should go with either a b550 or a x570 but have 0 understanding of what features I should be looking for. 

I figure I will worry about the case and other parts after I've figured this stuff out more. 
Thank you for any help you can give me!


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @crbd115

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!   Welcome to the enjoyment and sometimes headaches that is building your own PC!

    Sounds like you have done a good amount of research for this!  I think the 3070 and 3080 are great picks for you, with me leaning towards the 3080 for 144Hz 1440p Gaming.  I am still iffy on AMDs Big Navi and waiting for a few months to finalize my decisions... AMD Driver issues is my biggest worry.  

    Liquid Cooling is a nice thing to have, and maybe needed for your processors, and I highly recommend an AIO as the solution.  

    For motherboards, they are really just a skeleton of a build and you just want the features that you think you would use on your motherboard, like WiFi/Bluetooth.  A lot of the motherboard choice usually is aesthetics as well as miscellaneous features that you may want like custom water cooling support or RGB Compatibility with certain software. 

    For the Chipsets, x570 is essentially the better version of b550m having PCIe 4.0 slots and is usually more expensive. 
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