Button Replacement/Upgrade for Atari Fight Stick

I wanted to replace the existing buttons on the fight stick with LED buttons - red for P1, blue for P2. The buttons I see on the website do not include the switch. Since this is my first arcade stick, do I have to remove the existing switch to replace the button? If so, how?


  • NickBiederman
    edited December 2020
    Yes, you will need to remove the switch and put it in the new button. To remove the switch from the button, I find it easiest to pull back on the long arm (circled in the image below) until I can pivot the switch on the short arm, then pivot the switch and pull it out.

    You'll need to replace the control board with this one.  You'll also need one of these LEDs for each button.
  • MarcS
    Additional question.  With the Atari fight stick, I notice that the box contains two bundles of partially attached wires.  What is the purpose of these wires?  Do they provide an opportunity to add more buttons to the existing control board?  If so, how many, and are any additional components needed besides the new button?  I'd like to add two more buttons for each player.  
  • @MarcS
    Yes, you can add additional buttons. Xinmo's website has a diagram showing which pins are associated with which button. You'll connect one terminal of your button to the appropriate pin and connect the other pin to the black ground wire. There's a similar diagram for the LED controller as well. Both support up to 15 buttons for Plater 1 and up to 13 buttons for Player 2.
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