upgrading from 256GB SSD to 2T SSD, RAM & cloning old HDDs

For some reason, the below email to our Sales Associate was 'blocked' and was not sent.  The email on the Associate's business card was used (and double-checked to be sure of no typing errors)
     Can anyone help me with the matters below?   THANKS!
Hi Anthony Arra, Sales Associate,
    I am half done with the process of replacing the HDDs with the new Crucial 2T drives in the new Aspire 3 laptops we bought on Wednesday the 25th.  You did a great job helping John & I (Linda) and so far I have not needed to call on you for more assistance.  I am writing this email message from the Acer that is done!
First – FYI, the Aspire 3 apparently has a portion of the RAM hard-wired to the motherboard, as I could see only one 4GB RAM card, and no other empty slots to add the 8GB to.  I also could not find any documentation on the Acer site, their User Guide for this Model/Serial number or on online customer blog/comments about how many RAM bays/slots there is supposed to be.  So, I removed the 4GB RAM and replaced it with the new  Crucial 8GB memory card.  When I restarted the computer & checked to see how much RAM there was, it said 12GB.  The info about RAM, before making the changes, said there was 6GB, not 8.  This is confusing to me – but the computer is now FAST !!!
Second – Here is my FIRST question:  I took the HDD out of my HP and cloned it to the new 2T Crucial SSD before making any installations.  (BTW, the docking bay worked great – thanks!)  After I installed both the RAM & the new 2T SSD & checked for recognition, I saw that the portion of the SSD, that the old HDD was written to, was allocated (C & D drives) & recognized, but the remaining gigs are in an unallocated area.  So, the question is, should I leave it like thatShould I allocate that unallocated area?  If so, does it become a different lettered DRIVE, or do I add it somehow to the C drive (where the old HDD was written to)?
Third – My second question:  The Aspire 3 A315-56 we bought had 256gb SSD storage (see inserted pic).  It’s a Kingston.  Of course it had Acer Care software, and perhaps other software that might also be important.  I removed the Kingston, as the Crucial 2T fit into an open bay (of the correct size), and I remembered you telling me (because you checked) that the motherboard would support only up to 2T.  I have not done anything to the other Aspire 3 yet, but have powered it up to follow videos on how to open the HP, etc.  CAN I locate the software (on the unaltered Acer) that is unique to ACER, copy it somehow and install it into the one that already has the Crucial installedWas I right to remove the Kingston?  I am assuming that the Kingston is not a 2.5”, so could I use the Inland somehow to move what I want/need from the 256GB SSD (probably the one still in the unaltered Acer)?
I hope my questions make sense.  Right now this Acer that is finished with the new installations, thinks its an HP computer in all else except the opening screen (I think).  All of the HP care software, etc., transferred over (of course – it’s a clone of the HDD)!  Maybe its something I can download off the Acer site.  I’m unsure, and this is a first for me.  I always began each new computer change the HARD way, installing programs again & moving files.  YUCK!
Thanks Tony for any help, suggestions or reference to people who can help me!
Linda Wason
Your Wednesday, Nov. 25th customers
2-Acer Aspire 3s, 2-Crucial 2T SSD storage
2-Crucial 8GB RAM, 2-VPN, 2-ESET Security
Inland Dual Bay Docking Station


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