I need help

So I just bought an evga ftw 3 ultra 3080 so I got home turned my pc off took my graphics card out and placed the 3080 in and turned my pc back on, the lights came on for a second and instantly turned off so I took out my graphics card turned it back on and all the lights were working and on but then I turned it off put it back in and nothing so I took it out tried again and nothing so does anyone know what’s wrong I went ahead and ordered a 1000w psu cause I had an 850w


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    Hello @ImA1M sorry you are having an issue with your system. Does the computer instantly turn off when you put the old GPU? If it does instantly turn off with the old graphic card, we'll get to the 3080 in a second; put the old card back in. Take out all of your RAM sticks and put 1 RAM stick in the first RAM slot closest to the cpu socket. Then unplug the power cord from the tower and hold in the power button for 30 seconds. Then plug the power cord back in and boot up your system. Let then see if it boots without instantly turning off. Let us know the results.
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