Screen replacement for Dell Inspiron 3593 laptop non-touch screen

edited June 2021 in General Discussion
I want to replace the screen on my Dell Inspiron 3593 laptop non-touch screen because the ideal viewing angle is about 120 degrees and this aims the webcam over my head, making it not so useful for video chat. Is it possible to replace the screen with another screen that isn't the one it was originally manufactured to be used with?


  • TSTDavey
    @Gus I'm not sure another screen will solve your issue. For a Dell, those systems could function with an aftermarket LCD screen that is designed for the Inspiron 3593. But those screens would be designed for the Inspiron 3593 and to work with it; so the screen would function the same way the current Inspiron 3593 screen works. You could get an external web cam and plug it into the Dell's USB port and have the webcam to the side of the laptop for better video chat. Just a suggestion.
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