Not a Happy Camper

Just returned from 2 hours in traffic and burining 3 gal of gas. Without a new GPU..
I tried calling no answer..Can't do In-Store new "high" demand item.
Web site showed 25+ of each (9 different types).
Well That's the last straw.. I'll be spending all my computer $$ elsewhere.
Not sure how to get this to somebody that cares but, I'll try.


  • Heck as of this typing they still show 3 different cards still in stock..
  • TSKevinG
    Good afternoon @PecosRiverM

    I do apologize that you were not able to get a graphics card form our store.  I know if many of the new items they have been using vouchers at the store to account for the cards that they have there in store so if they are out of vouchers then all the cards would be accounted for.  Which location did you come in to and try to get the graphics card from?  
  • And Why is this still showing??

  • TSKevinG
    For something like this, most likely the customer has not fully checked out yet at the store so the system does not show the item being purchased yet.  With the voucher, even though they are handing them out to account for all the cards, the system will not show an item sold until that customer checks out.  Again I do apologize for this issue you did have with purchasing  the graphics card.  If you would like i can get this over to the store managers to have them speak with you on this.
  • I realize you're not to blame for this. I also understand about the vouchers..They shouldn't be issued at 9a and still not be purchased by 2p (I don't think anyone was shopping that long).
    What should happen is to allow those not near the store to on-line reserve if only for 2-4 hours. Same for the vouchers only good for 2-4 hours.
    Web site also needs work (faster updates on inv.) 
    Doesn't really matter now..
    You can forward to management as I'd love to vent on them or someone who can change this mess.
    Again it's not your fault. Just poor choices from higher up.
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