blurry camera on new laptop

Bought a new laptop (HP Envy x360 15m-ds0023), from MicroCenter last month.  It was an open box deal.

Works great except for one big problem.  The webcam is not focused.  It is in focus only for very close objects, no more than 2 inches away.  I can use it for video chatting, as I intended, but the blur is very annoying.  I updated the BIOS, checked the software, checked for drivers from HP.  Learned of that privacy slider switch on the side.  There is nothing for adjusting the focus.  The lens looks clean.  Wiping it doesn't help.  I have read of a Dell laptop that could be out of focus thanks to the case having come open around the camera.  That does not look to be a problem in my case.  What is left?  I'm reluctant to disassemble the display to reach the camera in the hopes it might have a focus ring.


  • AdamL
    Is there a software in the manual for the laptop that mentions control of the camera? Also, while the camera is on try flipping the privacy cover shut and open it back up to see if the auto-focus does its thing. Alternatively, you could buy an external USB camera, but I know that doesn't really fix the problem, just kind of slaps a band-aid on it. Let me know if either of those first two suggestions work for you!
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