Get copy of receipt using name and address @ checkout, which doesn't match insider account

I bought a Toshiba L200 laptop hard drive around June 2020 (or before -- I don't know -- I put it "in service" in June 2020). Because the sale was for at least $100 (at least 2 toshiba 1g 2.5 internal drives) I most likely provided my name and address on checkout.  Since you don't provide an option to email AND get a paper receipt, I probably opted for paper to solve any "immediate return" issues. That email is probably NOT tied to my "insider account", since it exists since your store began (at least the address does). Yes, I was there that first month, back in 1996-1997 era, well before your "insider" program.  I recall purchased at least 2 shopping carts of products at one time. My "insider" account is used ONLY for items that I "order and pickup".  Because that system rarely works well, I tend to have to run over there (pre-Covid). There have been times that _I_ have found items on the shelves when the "pickers" could not (refurbished drives).

Now, this Toshiba drive appears to be failing and has several S.M.A.R.T. errors, so I might want to return it while they are still making them, but I have time, since it has a 2 year warranty. Otherwise, Toshiba will simply provide a giftcard for the amount and I have no way to buy a new 1 gig drive. (Do you have any new 320 gb or 500gb Toshiba drives in stock? They are still in inventory.)    If needed, I can provide the serial number of the drive, so it should DEFINITELY be possible to find SOME receipt when it was purchased. First try by name and address and if that doesn't work, we'll try by serial number. Thank you. 

I have been on hold since I started this process. Just now, a very helpful person finally answered and we had a great conversation and were getting somewhere. Then I heard the words "Oh, sh*t" and then was disconnected. Obviously, something went wrong with the phone system, but I have NO idea who he was or even where he was, so I don't know how to reach him. That is unfortunate.

I hope that this message will get a better result. 

Since this is a public forum, I will assume that the appropriate Microcenter people will be able to find my address information and be able to find this.

Thank you.


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