I3-10100 max ram speed

Hi folks. I’m building a PC to take over home computing tasks, including some Adobe suite, and Cyberpunk. I got my hands on. 3060 ti.

itx form factor is a must given our house setup. I originally didn’t want to spend the extra for z490 mobos especially since the asrock affordable option is out of stock locally so went with a h470.

when I did this I wasn’t aware of ram speed limitations and am considering upgrading to a z490 mobo but haven’t been able to nail down the limitations on ram speed  
The i3-10300 processor itself states “Memory Support DDR4 2666 MHz” on Intel website but I’ve seen discussion of higher speed rams online especially when overclocking is discussed. I know h470s are limited and the one I’m considering is 2666 max, but the z490s support over 4000.

Im worried the lower ram speed may impact performance just since it’s so far below what’s now available. I’m looking for feedback into whether this is true and for feedback on what ram speeds may be supported by the i3 with z490

Thanks for reading this far


  • stuc3386
    Hi again - I was able to find some more info by searching intel 10th gen max ram speed instead of searching specifically for i3-10100 max ram speed. 
    I’ll share what u found here for anyone who may have similar questions, and if I’m sharing bad info please correct me. 
    Generally speaking, the intel stated ram speed is the max ram speed when not overclocking, but overclocking can utilize higher ram speeds. However, the i3-10100 is locked so the stated ram speed is the max. 
    However, the i5-10600k can use DDR4s over 4000 when OCd (the ‘k’ at the end of the processor number specified ‘unlocked’ which means it can be OCd) Also the H470 has some ability to overclocking, though much less than the z490. There is more but that’s a start
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