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Power Spec G228 maximum upgrade potential

Very happy with my stock G228 machine. But thinking about the future can you please advise what current maximum CPU, GPU and RAM ( both memory and speed) that this PC's ASRock B460M Pro 4/ac board can accommodate today? 

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  • TS_JosephFTS_JosephF admin
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    Hello @MichaelG
    That board is going to be able to support 10th gen Intel CPUs, so you could move up to a 10700K or a 10900X, depending on how much you want to spend.
    The board supports up to 128 GB of RAM but if you are just gaming, you really should not have to go past 32 GB. Its pretty hard to hit 100% usage on 32 GB of RAM if you are just using it for gaming. As for the speed, your board supports RAM speeds up to 2933 MHz.
    As for your GPU, you have a lot of options going above a 1660 Super. If you do plan on running a 10700K or better then you might want to just invest in a 3080 or maybe even a 3090. It may take some time to get your hands on one but it would be best depending on the CPU you choose. 
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