Thermal paste on CPU cooler question

I recently made my first pc build. While my brother and I were making it we tried posting and it didn't work (wrong display port). so we turn off the pc and removed the pc cooler to make sure the CPU was in the correct direction and put the cooler back on. after we realized we had the wrong display port on the pc it posted fine and it works perfectly fine(beside the GPU LED not working). But I'm wondering if the thermal paste was ruined? Since we put the cooler on-off-on in the span of a few minutes. Should I worry? My house is currently very cold so I haven't noticed any big temperatures. 


  • TS_BryantA
    @Andyrok Good morning and thank you for posting your question on our Micro Center Community. If you noticed that the thermal paste was evenly coated, no mess was caused and the temperatures do not go too high I would not worry. Just keep an eye on the temperatures, and if they go over what they should be, you may want to clean the CPU and cooler with the Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean paper towel to reapply the thermal paste.

    I hope this has helped! If you have additional questions please let us know. Stay safe and have a great day!
  • @TS_BryantA Thank you so much for the comment. That has been in my mind since the build was finished. While playing intensive apps the CPU never goes over 52 C so it seems to be working fine so far, I'll keep checking once summer starts, since I'm not sure how much winter is affecting it.
  • JS_MC
    52C is well within normal temps for your CPU, and those are quite good temps for being under a heavy workload. @TS_BryantA has some good recommendations, keeping an eye on temps over time is always a good idea. If your CPU starts to exceed 80C, that would be cause for concern. Your CPU will start to thermal throttle to protect itself from damage when it reaches higher temps.
    Hope this info helps!
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