Scalper has TWO cards, leaves receipt on ebay image

Microcenter - can you *PLEASE* address how this person was able to buy TWO 6900XT cards on the same day? Also, the same people line up every day to get cards. Can't you stop this nonsense? Is anything enforced?


  • JoeyTheAsian
    edited December 2020
    The situation with the Brooklyn Micro center 6900xt launch is most likely more nefarious than just this one person coincidentally being able to buy 2 cards. 
    The 8 people that lined up over 16 hours before the launch of the 6900xt were told by one of the managers on premise at 8pm on 12/7 "The delivery truck is delayed to Wednesday. The cards will arrive Wednesday. (12/9)" which was false information.
    Information that the 5 cards eventually arrived around mid-day became disseminated on discord once the cards sold out and the people on line the previous day arrived around 1-2pm on launch day (12/8) at MC to find out that they had been sold out already. 

    It is likely that the person in the mentioned ebay listing is conspiring with or is themselves, one of the staff at micro center to be able to get multiple cards on launch day in this fashion.

    If you look deeper into their listings, they also have TWO 3060 TI's listed for sale. BOTH were listed on launch day, and one was even listed at 12/2 7:22 AM which is BEFORE the 9am launch time/opening time of micro center that day. 
    EVGA Geforce RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 | eBay
    Geforce RTX 3060 ti Founder Edition (

    As one of the customers that was on that line the day before launch and fed false information regarding the inventory arriving on Wednesday resulting in my inability to get the product I would like for micro center to at least investigate this highly suspect situation. 
  • Compgeek
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    Unfortunately, it is not Brooklyn store only - yesterday I was in Tustin CA and asked if it is ever possible to buy 3090 card not from a scalper. Sales person told me it is random, I need to come early in the morning and stay in line (during the CA Covid lockdown order time). Surprisingly I saw two! 3090 cards on eBay bought in Microcenter today! - a scalper purchased them at 1pm - pretty funny story. I believe there is some kind of collaboration - practically impossible to prove it though. 
  • TSTonyV
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    edited December 2020
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll pass this along on my end here so we can check into this. 

    Unfortunately no system is perfect and it's impossible to completely prevent any scalpers from being able to buy cards from us, but obviously we want to do whatever we're able to prevent it from happening or avoid repeat offenders.
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