replacement plan - refund

(Reference number - 025-PO-5216797) When at the Westmont, IL store I had purchased an AMD 3700x with a replacement plan(SKU# 024372) less than 30 days ago. I have not utilized this replacement plan, have had second thoughts and wish to get a refund for it. I called Micro Center phone support earlier today, and they said I have to go back to the Westmont store with the processor in order to get a refund. I do not live close to Westmont. Is this something I can have taken care of online? Seems quite unnecessary to have to go back there physically WITH the item, in order to get a refund for the replacement plan. Is this right? I don't see that mentioned anywhere in the terms of service agreement (attached: specifically section 19). 



EDIT: it does in fact say that the full return of the item itself needs to be at the store. Since i have the s/n of the processor in question(and would like to keep the processor), is this really still necessary? I'll lose out of money in gas travels just to get to the location. This is 2020, were signatures and documents are verified digitally right?? Do I really have to go back to the store JUST for this?


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