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I wanted some info on a gaming/video editing computer.  I chatted with customer service (St Louis Store) Monday, 7 Dec and they told me I would need to call the build desk.  Couldn't find a button for "build desk" so I tried tech support.  They said they were in Indiana (???) and could not help me but would call the build desk at St louis and have them call me.  Now it is Friday and no contact.  Here is the transcript of the last chat:  

Chat started on 07 Dec 2020, 07:42 PM (GMT+0)
(07:42:29) *** Mike joined the chat ***
(07:42:29) Mike: I have been looking for a new computer to do 1080p video editing. I like the PowerSpec G464 but would like to change/add a few things. I would like to up the RAM to 64GB GDDR4-3200 and add a 1TB SSD (either SATA or M.2). I also have a 2TB HDD that I would like to install as a backup drive. What do you think about this?
(07:42:31) Micro Center: Our Store Hours can be found here
(07:42:36) Micro Center: Information on Stock can be found here 
(07:42:41) Micro Center: Many other questions can be answered by searching our knowledge base here 
(08:08:01) Mike: I will be buying the G464 from your store.
(08:18:46) *** Matthew D joined the chat ***
(08:18:56) Mike: Hi Matthew
(08:18:57) Matthew D: Hello, Thank you for contacting Micro Center.
(08:21:11) Matthew D: That is fine to do. Unfortunately, if you upgrade or change out any of the parts in the PowerSpec, you can void the warranty.
(08:22:34) Mike: I was going to have you change out all the parts except for the HDD which I can add after the warranty is over.
(08:23:44) Matthew D: You can always discuss it in store the service department. They would be performing the work.
(08:24:24) Mike: Isn't this the custom build area?
(08:25:09) Matthew D: I'm not in the store, I'm at the Contact Center in Columbus, Ohio.
(08:26:17) Mike: OK, how do I get in contact with the store custom build center? I have already waited thru 80 people.
(08:27:22) Matthew D: You would need to go in store or I can put in a request for the service department contact you. Would you like me to set that up for you? If so, I need your F/L name and a phone.
(08:27:55) Mike: Please have them contact <moderator removed for privacy>
(08:29:48) Matthew D: I will put in that request for contact.
(08:30:05) Mike: Thanks.
(08:30:55) Matthew D: Thank you again for contacting Micro Center, please check out the rest of our site for other helpful articles, videos, and guides that will help you with any other problems you may be having. Have a great day!
(08:31:13) *** Mike left the chat ***
I have found a nice computer at another company so I guess I will buy it instead.  Please take this for what it is worth to you.


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    Hello @MrHix! We were able to find your chat tickets and I can see where we sent a message over to service. If you would like, we can reach out to the store from our end here to make sure somebody contacts you if you're still interested. 

    For what it's worth, I think the types of upgrades you're making should be perfectly fine (assuming you really can use a full 64GB of RAM, that's a lot!) the only thing to note would be that rather than just adding in another 32GB of RAM, you'd probably want to get a full new kit of 64GB because the RAM that's actually in that system isn't something we have on the shelf any more and mixing/matching RAM modules can potentially lead to stability issues. It's not always a problem if you get RAM with the same spec, but there's a possibility. 

    I do also want to clarify, installing parts in your Powerspec does not necessarily void the warranty. The new parts just aren't covered under the manufacturer's warranty that comes with the system. What would void the warranty is if when installing those new parts you broke something or one of those new parts caused another one to fail. But assuming neither of those things happens, we'll still cover the hardware the system originally came with if you're still within that warranty period. 
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