Slow downloads

This discussion was created from comments split from: PowerSpec G706 Slow Downloads.


  • Gameclops
    NCDetroit said:
    I apologize for the salted response. I didn’t realize you had answered yet. I figured out the SSD Speed. Benchmark is showing sequential read of 4,123 and sequential write at 4,025 so I’m good there.

    as for Internet speed, I’m using WiFi with the hub located 9 feet from the PC. I have tried with other devices turned and with other devices unplugged but I still get the same speed which is an average between 17-21 MBPS download. My line speed averages between 150-250 MBPS depending on time of day 

    Hey, are you still having this problem because I am and if you have solved this please let me know
  • Ian
    Greetings. What are the issues that you are having? 
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