Need Help Making $750 Gaming PC

Hi this is my first time building a PC, I was wondering what parts to get with a budget of $750, I want to use it to mainly play games like, CSGO, GMOD, COD, Etc. I would like to have a Ryzen CPU. I was also wondering how much it would cost for people to build it for me, or help and show me how to build it. Thanks!


  • TSTDavey
    Hello @Slim_Jim thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community. If you have us build it its $149.99 and you'll go over your $750 budget. Below is a link that describes some parts that you could leverage as part of your gaming PC for $750. We recommend Custom PC builder to come to the store and speak with a BYO Associate on assist with choosing parts within their budget. We recommend to come to the store. But please check out the link below as well.

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