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do you guys do like pc work? cause im going to be getting a 3080 and a i9-9900k and my only problem is that my psu is almost 4 years old, time to swap first of all, but since its so old it only comes in 2 1x8 pin connectors moduler ofc, but I don't think I'm THAT confident.


  • grayson
    and i had my pc built at fries because I didn't think I could do it myself, I do think I could now though, just not a psu in an already made computer
  • TS_EmileC
    Hello @grayson! At Micro Center we do it all when it comes to custom builds. From the basic components to advanced systems. If you feel confident to install every component aside from the power supply, you should attempt to build it. If you get stuck, you can always bring it to our service team and we can finish the build for you. The prices will vary depending on the complexity of the build itself and parts chosen.
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