Locked out of newly partitioned hard drive

Installed a 970 EVO Plus 1TB hard drive on my laptop upgraded from the factory installed 500GB hard drive.  After multiple attempts at formatting and installing the drive as a single unit, it wouldn't utilize the full 1TB unless I partitioned it.  So it was partitioned into C, E, and Recovery.  All three drives worked fine for about 24 hours.  Then after a restart the new E drive came up with the attached error and won't allow editing of the drive permissions to correct it.  (Only one user on the machine, who has admin permissions).   The Recovery drive sometimes displays correctly, and sometimes shows up with the same message.   When displaying the properties of the new E drive, it shows that the information that was added to it while it was working is still there (only thing that was put on it before it locked out was a secondary Steam library).   Any ideas on how to get it working again?


  • JS_MC
    Hello @agoralyx
    What happens when you click the change button above the permissions error message?
    To me, it seems like this may be a bit of software attempting to lock the folder or it may have been corrupted. Try to change the option above the error message. If that does not work, I'd recommend the step below.
    • Search for Command Prompt in the Windows search bar. Right-click on the option and select Run as administrator.
    • Type the command CHKDSK /f in the elevate Command Prompt window and hit Enter to execute it.

    Restart the system once the command has executed.

    When you restart the system, the CHKDSK scan will process before booting into the system.

    Let us know if this helps! If the scan returns results, please let us know.
  • agoralyx
    This is what happens when you attempt to change permissions.  Will try your second suggestion!  
  • agoralyx
    Ran disk repair twice.  First time said it came up with an error and asked to restart or go advanced if that didn't work (hit restart).  Second time the machine ran the scan and booted up as normal.   E drive still coming up with the same permission error.  
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    Did you by chance try to move your user folders to this drive before this happened?
  • agoralyx
    TSMikeW said:

    Did you by chance try to move your user folders to this drive before this happened?
    No.  What had been on C drive remained on C.  The only thing that was added to the new drive before it got locked was a secondary Steam library.  
  • TSTDavey
    @agoralyx just chiming in. The drive that is giving the permission errors is the 970 Evo drive correct? Was this drive used in another computer at all? Somewhere in formatting your drive something must have gotten mixed up with user permissions for that drive. Try hitting Yes to taking full control and see if it will give you full control. If that does not work try this link below the 2nd option. I've also added another link as well to try to change the permissions to your username for that drive on that pc. Take a look at that one as well. If non of this works let us know. You may have to enable the default windows Administrator account and try these steps under that account.

    Link: (2nd option)

    Link:(Change permissions)

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