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I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.
This is my first ever Custom Build or Desktop for that matter. So be patient with me :) 
Notice I didn't pick a Windows OS. Can the micro center install Ubuntu Desktop or I have to do it myself? GPUs are out of stock. Will I be able to install that in the future? I need this system for data science / machine learning work. It needs to be fast and memory optimized.



  • JS_MC
    hello @helloworld I think you've got a great selection here for what you mentioned. GPUs are a bit limited right now due to the high demand. We're expecting to receive more throughout the weeks however, we don't have an expected time or date for them.
    I did notice you included an optical drive, however, the case you've selected does not have a slot for an optical drive. I'd recommend an external drive if needed.
    Our service department can install Windows OS but unfortunately, we are not able to install a Linux OS or Ubuntu.
    I hope this info helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!
  • @LandShark
    Thanks greatly for responding. I think I need an optical drive. Please recommend me a case that comes with that. Also, will this build have USB plug-ins for flash drive, ethernet, and other slots like that? I will need a flash drive slot or optical drive to install the Linux OS. Will I be able to slot in GPU card later when that becomes available or that needs to be done when the unit is first assembled?
  • TS_EmileC
    @helloworld If you are looking for a case with an optical drive, I recommend the Corsair Carbide 200R. With that CPU, you do not need a video card for the build as it comes with integrated graphics. You can purchase a GPU at a later time for us to install but it will be at an additional cost.
  • @TS_EmileC
    I am not sure why I don't get a notification even though in my setting it shows I should get an email when someone responds to my post. Looking at the motherboard in the build under Intel CPU Support, it seems it can only support Core i7 and below. I want to have room to upgrade to i9 or whatever comes out in the foreseeable future.  Can you recommend me a motherboard? Thanks.
  • TS_EmileC
    I see. Either of those boards will perform very well. I would choose the TUF model since it will be cheaper. Unless there are features on the Strix that you are needing that the TUF board doesn't have, then yes the Strix would be the better choice. For upgrades to an i9 processor, the Z490-Prime A would be a great option. Still less than the Strix and offers the same performance.
  • @TS_EmileC @LandShark
    I had the microcenter assemble the desktop. They recommended some swaps because the motherboard is the newest generation and the processor is 9th gen and therefore incompatible. Also, there was a swap on the heatsink. I brought the desktop home and I get No Signal on the monitor. I have an Asus monitor (brand new out of the box) and another fairly used Asus monitor. Both of them give No Signal. On the new Asus, I tried with DisplayPort and HDMI. On the fairly used Asus, I tried with HDMI since it does not have a DisplayPort. It has a VGA but the Desktop does not have a VGA port. I connected the fairly used monitor to my MacBook and it worked. I don't have the right cable to try the same with the new monitor. I have followed your guide here with no success. 

    Is this to be expected? It seems the desktop was not properly assembled.  If you message me privately or email me, I can give you the order number so you can check further.
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