Constant fuzzy, crackling, hum in background in my external speakers when they are powered on

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I previously recorded music on a 2013 samsung laptop running windows 8.1.  I used the tascam us144-MKii as my usb audio interface which sends the audio from my computer to my self-powered EVENT TR8 speakers.  I never had a problem with this setup.  I recently purchased a new Powerspec B744  desktop running Windows 10PRO, which is a much faster and more up to date computer.  The new Powerspec computer is the only difference in my setup.  Now, whenever my TR8s are powered on, there is a constant fuzzy, crackling, hum.  It is there at the same volume whether or not my audio interface volume is all the way up or all the way down, as long as the speakers are powered on.  Everything works normally, except for this new, constant noise.  Are these computers known for producing a lot of electrical interference?  Or could it be something else?  As I said, I never had a problem with same setup and older computer.  And, everything works correctly if I record or playback.  I also should probably mention, that if I listen to my headphones plugged into the audio interface, I don't hear the noise.  Only in the studio montiors when they are powered on (with computer turned on as well, of course, though i guess I hadn't mentioned that prior).  Any ideas about this?  I love this computer in every other way.  I'm just having this one issue which can be maddening when trying to work on music.


  • JS_MC
    I know this sounds a bit strange, but one of the possible causes for the buzzing sound is the electrical ground loop, so you should try to break the loop to fix the problem.
    You can try to power everything through a single AC socket.
    You can remove the cables connecting the receiver or device powering your speakers, and only connect your speakers to have a try.
    Make sure that the desktop is plugged into a plug with a properly working ground. Also, sometimes plugging into a UPS will isolate the noise.
    Hope this info helps!
  • Patrick_D
    Thank you for your quick response, LandShark.  I am definitely going to give it a shot.  But, I am still confused(due to my lack of understanding/knowledge in this area) and curious as to why that would suddenly be an issue when the only thing that changed in my setup was a new computer.  Thanks for any additional understanding you may be able to provide!
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