How difficult is it to get store credit for a product under warranty?

I bought an Alienware 34 inch 2018 monitor in from Microcenter Yonkers May 2019.  It’s been okay for the year+ that I’ve had it, but recently it’s started flashing black every few seconds, in no particular pattern.  Drives me insane.  What’s worse, I moved about 2 hours away from Microcenter Yonkers but it’s still the closest Microcenter to me.  
Thankfully I did pay for a 2 year warranty with Microcenter, and am hoping to receive some sort of store credit for the monitor. What I’m afraid of is driving down 2 hours to Microcenter, just to be turned away or refused a credit for some reason or another.  How pain free is it to receive a store credit for a faulty purchase once you’ve paid extra for the 2 year warranty?


  • JS_MC
    Sorry to hear that your monitor is having issues. It can vary case by case, however, typically we'd need to review the monitor's problem to see if we can replicate the issue, and then if it does need to be replaced, and we have the item in stock a replacement would be given. In this case, it doesn't look like we carry this model anymore. So a store credit would be issued. It would be at the manager's discretion in the store once they review the item.  As long as the issue is able to be replicated, I don't see there being any issue.
    Hope this info helps! Let me know if you have more questions or concerns!
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