Hoping someone will buy me all the parts and ALSO hoping that the PARTS come in



  • JS_MC
    This is quite the build. What budget did you have in mind? Also, what did you plan to use this build to do? I'd be happy to make some recommendations once I know a bit more.
  • Fattman52
    When i build computers i dont build them for 1 or2 or 3 years i keep my for 5 to 10 right now i have a i7-3820! what is that from 2012? i dont feel like looking it up but i dont think ppl should build computer to last 1 year NEVER. i understand if you dont have money like me begging lol but its just a mater of time for me. If ANYTHING build a mid to High end computer and keep that bad boy for 5 years. 

    Also im looking to jump into a small bit of fun bitmining and seing if i can pull off makeing this new rig a sarver for thr whole with out any "real" sarver parts lol 

    BUT its just to get the best for me and now its going to set on my desk for years and years!
  • JS_MC
    JS_MC admin
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    Hello @Fattman52 I was just wondering if you were trying to constrain this build to a certain budget. All of the parts here should be compatible except for the disk drive. Unfortunately, this case does not have a drive bay that will work with an internal disk drive.
    I'd recommend an external disk drive instead! Something like this: https://www.microcenter.com/product/485814/lg-super-multi-portable-dvd-rewriter-with-m-disc
    Hope this helps!
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